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We have 99% positive review from our satisfied customers, and the best part is we support all models of Bosch Service Center in Mumbai area.

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We repair Home appliances

Multi Brand Repair Service Center ( Unauthorized)

Here, We repair all types of  Washing Machine, refrigerators, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and tv. Likewise, we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and Our Service Center is a Fully Private Home Appliances Service Center.


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Bosch repair and service Center in Mumbai and we have got what it takes to be an expert in what we do. With our vast experience in repairing and servicing Bosch Washing Machine can be rest assured that our experience technicians will resolve your problem with ease and flawlessness.

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With our fast response time and repair technician visiting right at your door step, you can sit back and relax. Contact Us

Bosch Service Center Mumbai providing the appliances like washing machines, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven and TV.  Washer, machine segment that is utilized related to a screw clasp, for example, a fastener and that generally serves either to shield the screw from releasing or to disseminate the heap from the nut or fastener head over a bigger territory. For load dispersion, flimsy level rings of delicate steel are regular. The e pattern of assembling measures those changes over materials into parts and items begins following the crude materials are either separated from minerals or created from essential synthetic compounds or regular substances. Bosch Service Center Mumbai  It is all around a crossed at 4-5 degree Celsius for nuclear family use. People put food and cool refreshments in it, to keep those things cold or incredible (untainted) for a more drawn out time. A cooler has a glow drive. It laid hold of warmth close to the air inside the cooler. Coolers are to store the food; in case you not keep the food inside the ice chest it will get destroyed. In case you keep it in the refrigerator by the cooling temperature it makes food cool and diminishes the misuse of organisms. Microwaves broilers are charm by water, fats, sugar and explicit different particles, whose justifiable vibrations configuration heat. The warming consequently occurs inside the food without warming the including air this extensive vanquishes cooking time, and heating and other cooking errands those difficult hours in convectional microwaves. Microwaves create conveyance at a recurrence of about consistency dealing with a magnetron which is types of electron tube. Bosch service center Mumbai On the off chance that   you have any battle in your item please dial call a call we will send our experts to your home they will settle all causes in your item.

Washing machine:

Washing machines are an essential thing which urges us to wash the pieces of clothing without using workers. Clothes washers are three depictions of machines: front load, top load, semi-automatic machines. We have all depictions of washers that have various features like air pocket wash, memory wash, and twofold twin wash and flex wash, reload limit, and sharp flush. We have a wide scope of garments which are used more in our regular daily existence. Bosch Service Center in Mumbai. washing machines are astoundingly effective gadgets over the provider garments washer, you should not need to sit and follow the washing collaboration. You can organize your garments locally, start the arrangement, and wander around. You can do another package and a short time later return to your machine to make articles of clothing to dry or place them in the dryer. In the event that you have either signed with your items, settle on a decision we will send our experts to your home. They appreciate subbing a wide scope of issues in the garments washer and a wide scope of garments washers. Garment washers are a more profitable thing that transforms into all our going to occupations and they are dealing with the work, so they don’t have the chance to achieve the work. With the help of a garments washer we can wash the articles of clothing. 

If you have any deficiency in your washer, contact us. We will send our specialists to your home. They will go to your home and fix it before you. A garments washer decreases our work, when you start the wash program the machine will therefore fill inside the significant water for a wash. Pick the correct wash cycle, channel the water, and due to the course do the going to thwart remaining affirmation all inside the planning tank. Also, when the washing is done you should confer articles of clothing from the wash drum to the drier (turn) section. They need any new and entertaining features and that is the explanation they are customarily more disappointing. 

Washing machine types:

  • Front load

  • Top load 

  • Semi-automatic

  • Fully automatic 

Microwave oven:

Microwaves are the most utilized in each family; it anticipates a gigantic part. Bosch Service Center in Mumbai Microwaves are three sorts: they are solo, grilled and convection. We can utilize a display microwave for warming the extra food; with a barbecue microwave, we can cook bread, chicken accordingly. Convection microwaves help all microwaves with setting up the food. Microwaves are used by different people. It is a decent decision for getting more tasty food and preparing quickly. There are various kinds of microwaves with different far away center interests. There is a show off the microwave, there is a report about a cook microwave and a convection microwave. All these are dumbfounding in designing food and in fast time. Various people have various solicitations concerning the most fit method to use the microwave. They need to see the value in what food can be cooked, what is the right temperature to be set and what is the correct clock to be set.

Microwave oven types: 

  • Solo 

  • Grill 

  • Convection

Why does everyone choose our service center?

  •   On-time service
  •   We accessible every minute of every day  
  •   Qualified professionals
  •   Door step service
  •   Affordable costs
  •   Attested spare parts
  •   Warranty

Our service engineer:

Bosch is probably the best brand in India. Anyway the home apparatuses given by are washing machine, microwave ovens . Bosch Service Center in Mumbai So on the off chance that you experience any difficulty with your item call us. We will send our service engineers to your home and they will reestablish a wide range of products. What’s more, they give 90 days warranty on spare parts and thirty days warranty on general service. We are acceptable at fixing the items. We take reasonable costs RS/ – 350.

Bosch Service Center Mumbai:

The Bosch providing the main home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave ovens, air conditioners and TV’s these products have different jobs. These products are having a much impact on the market and customers. Bosch service center Mumbai. The usage of these home appliances is increasing day by day. 

The usage of different products has its own functions like the refrigerators are used for storing the food items to keep fresh and safe for a long time. The refrigerators always play an important role in every home by protecting the food items. The refrigerators are coming in three price variables they are expensive range, midrange, and low expenses. Bosch Service Center in Mumbai


The refrigerators are mainly used in the summer seasons because of hot weather. Many people in summer like to eat ice creams, cool drinks, cakes, and cool water, etc. for this kind of usages the refrigerators are very useful. There are mainly three types of refrigerators are there they are.

Single Door Refrigerators:

These single door refrigerators are the low expensive product which is coming with less capacity. And this refrigerator is suitable for small families only. This is coming with a single door to the whole refrigerator in the same door freezer is also present. This single door refrigerator is very small in size. This contains very few features and modes of cooling. And another type of refrigerator is a double-door refrigerator.

Double-Door Refrigerator:

This double-door refrigerator is the most using model in the refrigerators. Because it is coming in a budget range which can afford by any middle-class peoples this refrigerator has many decent features to the customers. This refrigerator separates the freezer and refrigerator. The top door is used for the freezer and the bottom big door is used for storing items. It is suitable for both small and large families also. This is the best refrigerator to use. It has two removable shelves we can remove and wash the shelves. And another type of refrigerator is side by side door refrigerator

Side by Side Door Refrigerator:

These are the most advanced refrigerators provides many automatic features. This is not suitable for small houses because it is a large-sized refrigerator. It has the converter option the user can easily convert the freezer into a normal refrigerator. This is the most expensive product comparing to all other refrigerators.

Washing Machine:

Another home appliance in the Bosch is the washing machine; the washing machines are the most used for washing the clothes. The washing machines are one of the most useful products in every home. The washing machines will provide the best washing to the clothes than washing the clothes with hands. Many people are showing interest in buying washing machines. The washing machines are mainly four types they are top load, front load, semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machines. These different type of washing machine contains different features.

Top Load Washing Machine:

Top load washing machines are the cheaper washing machine comparing to all other washing machines. These top load washing machines contain two drums one drum is for washing the clothes and another drum is for draining purposes. These are the first model of the washing machines which contains very less washing features and modes. Bosch service center Mumbai The top load washing machines are suitable for small families with fewer loads. It consumes very little electricity.

Front Load Washing Machine:

Front-load washing machines are one of the most used home appliances. This is a mid-range product. It has many decent features they have provided several washing modes. It is suitable for large families. It is very comfortable in size. These front load washing machines are very easy to use. These washing machines will consume very little electricity. They have provided only one drum for washing and draining.

Semi-automatic Washing Machine:

Semi-automatic the semi-automatic washing machine contains many advanced features and many automatic features. It is a more expensive product comparing to the front load washing machine. It provides quick washing to the users. It runs very smoothly without any noise. These semi-automatic washing machines provide the best washing experience with less water usage.

Fully-automatic Washing Machine:

And the fully automatic washing machines are run completely automatic. These washing machines are don’t requires to touch washing machine. The semi-automatic washing machine contains only some automatic features but the fully automatic washing machines contain total washing functions automatically.  This is the best washing machine of all. This provides the best washing experience for the users. It is the most expensive washing machine comparing to all other washing machines.

Microwave Oven:

The other most useful home appliance is the microwave oven. The microwave ovens are mostly used for reheating and defrosting the food and juices. The microwave ovens provide delicious food. Bosch service center Mumbai  It mainly uses in hotels and bakeries for cooking and baking the product. The microwave ovens are mainly their types are solo microwave oven, Grill microwave oven, and convectional microwave ovens.

Solo Microwave Oven:

The solo microwave ovens are the simple microwave ovens that are just used for heating, reheating, and defrosting food items. This is the entry-level of the microwave which is very low in cost. It doesn’t cook all types of food items. it is only suitable for heating food for emergency purposes. And the grill microwave ovens are the upgraded version of the solo microwave ovens it is also a simple microwave oven with a grilling option along with heating and defrosting.

Grill & Convection Microwave Oven:

They have provided the grilling accessories with the microwave ovens. This microwave oven can grill the meat and vegetables. And another type of microwave oven is the convection microwave oven it is the most expensive and advanced microwave oven it can cook all kinds of food with a delicious taste it also cooks the food automatically with an auto menu option. It is the best microwave oven.

Air Conditioner:

The air conditioners are the most important product in summer seasons. Because it provides cool air to the user. They are the most expensive home appliances which require good maintenance. The air conditioners are not only providing the cool air it also providing the hot air to the users. They have provides the inbuilt heater inside the air conditioner.

The air conditioners are mainly three types they are split air conditioners, duct air conditioners, and conventional air conditioners.

Split AC:

The split air conditioners are very slim in size and it mainly contains two parts they are compressor and air conditioners. The compressor is fixed outside the wall and air conditioners are fixed inside the home. These air conditioners are mainly used in houses. This provides quick cooling to the room. It is very easy to install and use.

Duct AC:

And another type is duct air conditioners these air conditioners the duct air conditioners are located to the ceilings. These are mainly located in the cinema halls. It contains a big capacity this provides fast cooling to the room. It is one of the best air conditioners in these generations’ this is more expensive than split air conditioners. Another air conditioner type is conventional air conditioners these can be also known as central air conditioners these provide the sides cooling it the room.

TV Service Center:

And another home appliance is the TV the TV’s are one of the most important product in every home.  It is the main product of entertainment. It is the main source of entertainment. The TV’s are playing an important role in covid19 situation. Many citizens were addicted to many TV shows and movies. Bosch service center Mumbai  The TV is keeping the people to stay at the home. The TV’s are coming in the midrange and expensive range. They are providing the 1080p resolution which means HD to mid-raged TVs and 4K to the expensive range mobiles. The 4K is available in smart TV’s the smart TV’s are the most advanced TV’s. We can access YouTube and other OTT plate forms. The 4K is the highest resolution comparing to all others. They have provided the qualitative speakers to the TV.

About the service

We provide the best service to the customers; we have well-experienced technicians of more than 10 years. We have the service of doorsteps at affordable prices. We only undertake the only warranty products only and we provide the original spare parts to the products. Bosch Service Center in Mumbai Our customer care service will provide 100% of the information about our services and clarify all your doubts. We will provide quick service to the customers. We undertake only out of warranty products only. Our technicians can provide easy service to home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and TV. We provide a warranty for 3 months product warranty and a 1-month general service warranty.

Bosch washing machine customer care support implements all the repairs and services for Bosch washing machines. We have technicians with good knowledge and experience in the field of servicing for years to fix the problems faced from your Bosch washing machines.

We have a broad stretch of customer care executives in our similarly authorized service center in Bosch who are patient, calm and humble to listen to your issues regarding your Bosch washing machine.

We provide 24 hours services for your Videocon washing machines. We will send our technicians to your place within the next 2 hours. He will come to your place to examine your Bosch washing machine.

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